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Our experienced staff works with customers ranging from individuals needing a few prototypes to companies requiring tens of thousands of parts per month. We are very flexible and responsive to our customer’s changing needs.

Wire Harness Assembly

A wide range of electronic devices and appliances utilize wire harnesses to send electricity and electric signals. Wire harnesses are used to increase the efficiency and capabilities of maintenance and manufacturing processes in commercial, residential, and industrial applications. At Custom Contract Manufacturing, we offer custom wire harness assembly services for customers in the Portland, Oregon area and beyond. As a trusted wire harness manufacturer, we are able to produce custom wire harness assemblies that serve an array of industries.

Experienced Wire Harness Manufacturing

Industrial centers often require specially designed wire harnesses that are UL compliant with fire safety regulations and meet industry standards. At Custom Contract Manufacturing, our wire harnesses are custom-made to match the special needs of our clients.

Our trained personnel are highly attentive to ensuring all the details are covered in your wire harness design and assembly. Whether through automated processes or manual assembly, we are able to produce wire harnesses that match your specific needs – for example, a wire harness as per IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard requirements.

We are able to handle multiple contracts in various markets, including those that involve complex wire layouts with multiple branches and breakouts. Our wire harness assembly process utilizes state-of-the-art technology in wire cutting, crimping, tinning, stripping, and terminating, and the equipment we use results in significant cost and time savings that benefit our customers.

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