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Our experienced staff works with customers ranging from individuals needing a few prototypes to companies requiring tens of thousands of parts per month. We are very flexible and responsive to our customer’s changing needs.

Prototype PCB Assembly

Whether you want to test a product idea or concept, improve an existing product, or show a brand new product to investors or at a show, our team at Custom Contract Manufacturing in the Portland, Oregon area has you covered. We are a trusted leader among flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, with the ability to create a functional and accurate prototype of your proposed PCB assembly design.

Through the prototype PCB assembly services we offer, our goal is to provide solutions to your prototyping challenges through the testing of your product concept so your investors and/or customers can visualize and understand your product before the manufacturing process commences.

Product Testing Through Prototype PCB Assembly

Through prototyping, you can test your PCB design and how well it performs prior to sending it off for production. PCB assembly prototyping is vital before full service production is considered. We can assemble your PCB according to your design specs and also perform the necessary product testing and evaluation.

To demonstrate the performance of your product, we place your prototype through a process of testing to determine its durability and the exact placement of components. We focus on quality assurance from start to finish through our expertise and testing equipment.

During the process of designing and manufacturing prototype PCB assemblies, we evaluate the design concept, discover any design issues, and develop ideas for enhancing the design for the manufacturing stage.

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