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Our experienced staff works with customers ranging from individuals needing a few prototypes to companies requiring tens of thousands of parts per month. We are very flexible and responsive to our customer’s changing needs.

Custom Cable Assembly

Custom cable assemblies consist of a grouping of cables or wires that convey communication signals or electrical power. They are used in systems across multiple industries, including in aircraft, automobiles, medical devices, military hardware, ships, and computers. At Custom Contract Manufacturing, we produce custom cable assemblies for numerous applications based on the customer’s requirements. Our team can assist you with connector and cable selection, layout, and manufacturing processes.

Our Custom Cable Assembly Process

The cable assemblies we produce use exceptional quality parts and undergo testing to ensure adherence to the customer’s drawings and/or schematics. Our products include cable assemblies in robust single or multi-wire form for challenging environmental applications and industrial settings. Per your request, we can also color code or label your cables.

Custom cable assembly as per engineering drawing and specification information helps guide the installation process and reduce installation time. With this information, installers can make fast connections from a cable assembly to the circuit instead of searching for loose cables and wires. This standardizes the installation procedure, making it less variable and uncertain.

Cost Efficiency and Manufacturability

Improved quality and installation speed are not the only benefits of a custom cable assembly provided by our manufacturing group. Our fast turnaround cable manufacturing process results in cost-effective products. We enhance the manufacturability of your assembly. So, regardless of whether you need a coaxial cable assembly, high flex cables, or other cable assemblies, our team at Custom Contract Manufacturing can provide the cost savings and quality you need.

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