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What is Cable Harness Assembly?

Cable harnesses are referred to by several other names, including wire harnesses, wiring looms, wire assemblies, and cable assemblies. There are actually some differences between a cable harness assembly and a wire harness assembly even though the terms are often mentioned interchangeably. A custom cable assembly may be used for various applications, including medical devices, automobiles, computers, aircraft, ships, and military hardware. At Custom Contract Manufacturing, we are your source for cable harness assemblies that are tailored to the requirements of the customer. We can help you with the selection of cables and connectors, design and layout, and manufacturing.

Features of a Cable Harness Assembly

A cable harness assembly consists of a grouping of cables or wires that are designed and configured to send electrical devices between devices. Various materials can be used to tie together all of the cables that make up the assembly, including rubber and electrical tape. If a cable harness assembly is to be used in a highly challenging environment such as marine or aerospace, the binding materials must be sufficiently durable.

Depending on the system the cable harness is used for, the number of cables used can vary. More cables are needed in a custom cable assembly when more data is required to be transferred through the system.

Why a Cable Harness Assembly is Essential?

When it comes to cable assemblies, Oregon customers rely on these arrangements to ensure all of the cables involved with a particular product or system are securely tied together. This helps prevent any short circuiting of the electrical system due to moisture or vibration if they cable assembly is exposed to a harsh environment. Vehicles which are often subject to vibrations, utilize these assemblies.

At Custom Contract Manufacturing, we have you covered regardless of whether you are in need of high flex cables, coaxial cable assemblies, or other cable assemblies that provide the exceptional quality and cost efficiency you need for your applications.

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