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What is a Wire Harness Assembly and What is it Used for?

A wire harness assembly is also referred to by other terms, such as wire harness, wiring assembly, cable harness, cable assembly, or wiring room. This type of assembles includes a complex grouping of electrical wires, connectors, and cables that convey electrical power and information in the form of signals. At Custom Contract Manufacturing, we are your source for customized wire harness assemblies in the Portland Oregon, and beyond that meet the needs of various industrial applications.

Wire Harness Assembly Applications

The transportation industry utilizes wire harness assemblies in many applications. Some of the most intricate wire assembly designs are found in military vehicles, semis, and other large trucks. These assemblies can house a large quantity of circuits to disseminate power for the control of systems. Upon completion installation, the individual wires in these assemblies can become disorganized and entangles if they are not arranged together properly in a bundle.

Benefits of Wire Harness Assemblies

Wire harness assembles offer a number of important benefits compares to lose and disorganized wires and cables. When these wires and cables are bound together, they form an assembly that can be protected and secured against outside forces of vibration, moisture, and abrasion. The bonding of these wires and cables in a non-flexible bundle, the available space is optimizing, and the risk of electrical shorts is significantly reducing. Also, wire harness assemblies reduce the time for installation and standardize the process.

When it comes to wire harness assembly, Oregon customers need a design that enhances the application’s space and electrical requirements. A wiring diagram is also produced that goes with the wire harness assembly. Even though automated manufacturing is more prominent now, great cost effectiveness is possible through the process of manufacturing by hand because of the various processes involved with a wire harness assembly.

Our team performs wire harness assembly services using the latest in technology that involves wiring cutting, stripping, tinning, crimping, and terminating. The equipment we utilize delivers savings both in time and cost for our customers.

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