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How to Choose the Best PCB Assembly Company for Your Electronic Manufacturing Business

It is vital to choose the right PCB contract manufacturer when you need PCBs that function to specification and with optimum reliability. For top quality custom and prototype PCB assembly, Oregon companies can rely on our team at Custom Contract Manufacturing as a trusted PCB assembly partner.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating and selecting a PCB and cable assembly manufacturer for your electronic manufacturing business:

Company Reputation

Check out the PCB assembly company’s online presence – its website and social media pages – to help determine how the company interacts with and serves its clients. Ask the company for references or contact others who have received its services for their opinion about the company. Search for the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Find any review sites with sufficient feedback that can help determine the quality of the PCB assembly supplier’s services.

Quality Management Certified

The PCB assembly company should follow ISO 9001, demonstrating it is committed to manufacturing high quality products and following an ongoing quality improvement program.


A PCB and custom cable assembly manufacturer should offer an extensive array of electronic manufacturing services, including prototype PCB fabrication and prototype PCB assembly, along with short, medium, and full production runs.

Turnkey Services

Some of the best assembly companies will provide partial and complete turnkey PCB assembly services that adhere to high quality standards.

Stringent Product Inspection

Expect your PCB assembly company to follow stringent international inspection standards, ensuring comprehensive product inspection before delivery. Before considering the company, you may want to find out the inspection criteria it follows.

Short Lead Time

Find out the lead time provided by a PCB and custom cable assembly manufacturer. The lead time can help determine time to market to a significant degree. Also, the PCB assembly manufacturer should be able to meet emergency delivery time requirements while maintaining product quality.


Avoid automatically settling for the lowest quote offered for PCB assembly. A higher price that also provide higher quality PCB assembly results will ensure product durability and cost savings over time.

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